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Services. Our specialized equipment and attention to detail are what set us apart.

Services and what you can expect:

At National Equine Dentistry we pride ourselves on being a mobile dental practice, coming to your ranch/facility to provide superior equine dental services and to have as gentle an impact on the horses as possible. It’s important to note that National Equine Dentistry works with your veterinarian as part of a total health approach for your horses.

Dental Examination/Odontoplasty

  • Set up of mobile equipment on site
  • General physical observations of patient and collection of detailed patient history including information about eating and riding habits
  • All patient information, observation findings, and treatment are entered into the patient record
  • Flushing mouth with water and antiseptic rinse
  • Examination of the oral cavity through the use of a dental speculum, lights, mirror, and probes
  • Digital pictures are taken of the oral cavity before and after the dental procedure
  • Treatment of most dental abnormalities with power and/or hand instruments
  • Periodontal pocket cleaning if needed
  • Incisor and canine tarter removal
  • Radiography, if needed will be ordered through your veterinarian or other veterinarian office with mobile Xray equipment

Removal of hooks and/or ramps

  • Use of motorized instruments or hand floats to effectively reduce the overgrown aspect of a tooth that is causing pain or difficulty in chewing. This is known as a protrubent tooth.
  • Some cases may need to be reduced over several sessions to prevent excessive crown removal and root or pulp exposure.
Incisor Reduction
  • Reducing the incisors to bring the cheek teeth into occlusion (touching)
  • Correct alignment of the incisor occlusion angle with the TMJ for maximum comfort of the horse

Wolf tooth  and non sugical extractions

  • Occasionally wolf teeth may need to be extracted for the comfort of the horse and the safety of the rider
  • Extraction of severely diseased or damaged teeth preventing proper mastication (chewing) or causing infection
  • Extraction of deciduous baby teeth, both incisor and premolars
Complete Dental Charting
  • Computerized charting of each horses oral cavity noting all observations prior to work being performed and all work completed
  • Email of invoice/s and dental charts to your email address of choice and to your veterinarian if requested