National Equine Dentistry provides quality equine dentistry safely at your horse's home. Schedule Online Today!

National Equine Dentistry provides quality mobile equine dentistry safely at your barn.

We are based in Charlotte County and serve all of Florida, call us today to schedule service or for a free quote, 941-257-3090.

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Our goal is to provide the highest quality of mobile veterinary equine dental care through a dedication to professionalism, modern equipment, modern techniques, and continuing education.

National Equine Dentistry is here to help our customers' horses live more productive, healthy lives through maintaining healthy dental care. A key element to maintaining healthy equine teeth is through a personal, professional relationship with an Equine Dental Practitioner. We take pride in our dedication to the highest standards of horse/equine dentistry through continuing education, maintaining a professional relationship with your veterinarian and direct interaction with our customers. This dental practice offers safe, routine dental maintenance through odontoplasty (teeth floating) with hand floats, state-of-the-art power instruments, and maintaining a safe patient environment at your barn or stable facility.

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